Winter Fashion

I’m currently battling the flu. This is a great time to post this. ♡
My style has been evolving. The color stays in mostly black, of course.
But this winter, I’ve added a few shades of white, cream and beige.
I’ve also started wearing jeans, black jeans. I haven’t worn jeans since I was a young teenager.  It feels really great!
Mostly, I think it’s due to my weight loss. I’m not hating my thighs as much as I used to. I still have a ways to go but I’m making progress.

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  1. Although you think you need to lose more weight, I will argue against this and say you look perfect. But to me, you always do. But I am happy you are feeling comfortable in your skin. If you are happy, I am too.

  2. This style is so you! cute and classy. I’m super happy you are happy with your thighs. What exercise did you do to get them so slim? I can’t seem to get mine thin enough. I love this entire collection!

    1. ♡ I am getting more happy with them, they still aren’t thin. A think it’s a lot of cardio, jump rope, stairs.

      SO happy you love this collection~!! I’m really happy with it and look forward to seeing my progression into spring.

  3. I hope you’re feeling better soon!
    I wear mostly black too but I do have a lot of red and a few other exceptions. Love the socks and heels in the bottom right!

    1. ♡ Thank you. Somehow this flu has given me an ear infection so I’m deaf in one ear. ~__~

      Black is such a beautiful, elegant color. Sophia Loren once took all of her clothes and dyed them black so she could always look put together no matter the occasion. I agree with that. ♡