What makes you smile?

Is it a brand? Yes!  Is it a brand? No! Labels are nice, I love designer! But, I also love simple pleasures in life. I adore a new pair of shoes. Fall head over heels for a beautiful bag. Worship new sunglasses!

My joy comes from within, not from an items name. I wear designer, I wear thrift, I wear vintage. A smile for me can be brought on by my beloved skinny jeans by Rag&Bone or it can be the simple pleasure of enjoying company with someone over yummy tea.

Below | My personal taste is very classic with the occasional cute side. I choose not to walk around with giant pink bow on my bags because that is just way too cute, too childish. However, I do love a cute wallet! It’s mainly just for me, obviously it is seen when I am at a store. But that is A-Okay! I just don’t want to walk around with a very loud  style, that’s not me. This is too cute! It’s a Hello Kitty Wallet. It’s in the color of Rose Gold. I love rose gold! It has hello kitty face embossed on the leather but it’s done in a very classy way that gives it that quilted look that I am so obsessed with!

Wallet in Rose Gold | Here

Below | Hello Kitty~! | Green Tea at Demitasse

Below |  Street Style | Dancing in the streets. Don’t mind my horrid form, I’m not a ballet dancer. People just think I’m one.

Below |  Godiva Biscuits for my beautiful Auntie | And very expensive chocolate for my family from Diane Kron. The first lady, Jackie O, was a big fan!

Below |Pretty pink park benches are also the berries! Pink, my favorite color.

Below |And nothing makes me happier than coming home to my babies and flowers. Pure joy. It’s the best part of any day, be it a wonderful day or a bad day. Nothing is better than love at the end.

It’s easier said than done, looking at the bright side. But, if you can find pleasure in small moments, imagine how wonderful those great moments will be.

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