Week in Review

This past week was busy, but so much fun~!  ♡♡♡ I caught two shows, Jimmy Gnecco and Society 1, went shopping, went to the L.A. Public Library and tried my hand at reading in the French section. I also did art, made dessert, ate candy and this week is already half-over… I’m a failure at updating.

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    1. It is stunning and HUGE~! I was head over heels. I just ran to the international section and started reading. I was so happy. It felt like I was spinning in a circle, so overwhelming and wonderful. I’ll go back soon!

  1. Your life looks so fun! I want to shop with you so much. What size are you know? You look amazing!!!!!!1!

  2. You look so good and happy. Is your BF in one of those bands? *DISH*
    Your art is crazy good and I love your hair.
    Happy Valentines, btw!

  3. この季節風邪、インフルエンザとかには十分に気をつけてくださいね!
    やばい♡めっちゃかわいい (^ з ^) – ☆♡

  4. Hiya Amber :-) Hope you are well, loved the updates,nice top too and cool pose,loved the hair pose too -so cute :-) I booked my flight to Oslo in May yesterday and hope to share some of my pics with you sometime,learning Norweigian has been fun esp the exchanges at work with my work mate-while everyone looks puzzled lol! I hope to see some bands soon. Feeling the after effects after celebrating our booking :-S . Take Care and keep smiling lovely lady. Craigx

    1. I can’t wait to see your pictures from Oslo~! You must be so excited, new adventures in life are the best. Always a lot of self discovery along the way. *hugs* I always wish you the best.