VK United Music Fest!

On July 5th, I had the opportunity to see anti-feminism again! They were absolutely amazing. They were fantastic last year but I think it was even better this year. The venue was at Amplyfi Hollywood. It’s small and a bit confusing to find as it’s right next door to Paramount Studios.  But, I enjoy small venues as it makes the show really intimate.

I set out with my sister to wait early in line because any show I really want to see, I always arrive early, usually way too early. And as usual, the case.  I had her wait in line while I ran and got us Starbucks.  I brought them back, waited to see if some friends were going to arrive but they did not arrive as early as I’d hoped. Therefore, I had to listen to some weeaboos in line talk about the Japanese artists as though they were some sort of rare breed of specimen, it was down right creepy to be honest. Thank goodness I can bite my tongue. I felt uncomfortable for the artists having to deal with being stared at like some display at a carnival, something subhuman. People, BOUNDARIES! Do you have any? This is my big reason that I really dislike going to JRock concerts in America. A lot of “fans” of Japanese music have some sort of creepy yellow fever or something.

Pre-show Selfies? Good for passing time. Pre-show Coffee? Also Good for passing time.

The first band were Phoenix Ash and they are based out of the Bay Area. Their influences are the likes of Luna Sea and Buck-Tick! All you have to do is say Buck-Tick and I’ll be rabid!

Anti-Feminism went on next and boy, what a performance!  I ended up with Kenzi’s dress over my head. He ended up getting down to his bloomers. I urged the crowd to sing him Happy Birthday to which he was completely surprised at. We then sang Happy Birthday to the drummer, who’s birthday was also coming up as well. It was a great joy and so much fun!

Cell were great with Tomo from The Rhedoric on guitar.

Lolita Dark  were fantastic! Rayko on vocals was amazing, a gorgeous voice. They really put on an incredible performance. I wish nothing but the best for this group, they work so hard and are so passionate.

Walking away with my Anti-Feminism Booty.
Kenzi and I from Anti-Feminism | Tomo and I who is from The Rhedoric who played with Cell. Excuse my horrid Look, too much headbanging!
Poel and I – I felt a fool! I was speaking Japanese to him out of courtesy and he speaks English…. Stop me next time, guy! |  The Gorgeous Rayko and I

Pardon my industrial sized forehead. But here are some crowd shots

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