Valentine’s All Year Round!

That is, if you let love rule in your heart everyday. I am a blessed person, it’s not with money, beauty or material possessions. It is because I am surrounded by those who love me and let me love them back. Gifts are an ongoing thing, not one of obligation or size but of recognition, thanks and a simple gesture of love.


My amazing, gentle J-Y. Thank you for providing me with such a lavish gift. One of every color of every thing! I’m happy you are loving my homemade chocolates (Green Tea Cheesecake Truffles, Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Cheesecake Truffles and Dark Chocolate Turtles) and those very special cufflinks.

My darling, E~! Thank you for always being there. It’s been a strange year of ups and downs but you’ve never turned away. You are an ultimate friend who has remembered our conversations well.

My beautiful Lola sent me an always gorgeously worded letter and beautiful card with my favorite themes.
So blessed, I just sit here contemplating, with my baby pink nails and drink my Starbucks. Thinking, somehow, the cosmos have let their stardust gently fall upon my earth and my body with such grand people in my life, even if I can’t hug them every day.

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  1. My wish for world is there to be more people with such pure heart. You never take for granted and appreciate little gesture. It is so sweet.

    Gorgeous as always! Also, that’s a huge amount of make-up! Send that guy to me, now. ahahaha

  2. I notice how beautiful you glow but what is that artwork next to candy? It looks so gorgeous and romantic.

    JEEZUS THE MAKE! Gimme the Starbucks!

  3. ^-^ I’m so glad my card arrived safely! Just as I am happy knowing you are appreciated by those in your life and are surrounded by love. There is no one more deserving.