The Hollywood Experience

Ahh Hollywood, it’s an everyday circus. But, I like it. For once, I’m not the one being stared at. At least, not as much.
Yes, Victoria, I will take you home.

If you go to Hollywood, as a tourist or a resident, eventually you have to take a photo with the Walk of Stars.
So, who did Amber choose? Ronald Reagan, of course.
I love politics, I love Movies. And who better than the most successful actor of all time?
He became President, my friends. Now that’s success. Actor to Politician, Democrat to Republican. Fufufu, I am logical.

I don’t think about my hair, but when I realize how long it is, sometimes I want to cut it.  Simply for the weird attention it garners.  Which is probably why I usually wear it in an updo when I leave the house.

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  1. Ah~ Long hair~ I remember when mine went past my hips, I would wear it up all day at work and then right as I would leave the building I would unwind my bun and people would gape because they didn’t expect it to fall so long. *laughs*

    I’m trying to grow mine out again but every time it reaches the middle of my back I end up trimming it because before I let it just grow as much as it wants, I want it to have the right cut.