Thanksgiving Time

Thanksgiving was very relaxing with my family. It was small, intimate and nothing over the top. It was a day where I was able to cater to my loved ones as I enjoy it very very much. The company was nice and gave me a chance to play hostess. I often get lost in daydreams when I serve others. It makes me dream of hope for my future and to envision the things that I truly want in my life. Sometimes, in service, we are able to find ourselves as we question our own actions move by move instead of living in a selfish position where we you only think of what you want at that very moment.

Outfit of the day: Vintage fur jacket, Chelsea boots, Rag & Bone skinny jeans, Porsche Design sunglasses , Ponytail

A cheese ande charcuterie board for the family.

How cute is this? It is a fruit shaped cornucopia.

Mom’s famous apple pie

Beautiful white roses

A super simple table setting

Very small but festive table setting involving pumpkins and Poinsettia flowers for the transition into Christmastime.

Again, simple elegance

A closeup of our cute little pumpkins. And to show off the beautiful and yummy bottle of Chandon Rose

A further view of our lovely little table with dinner.

This is from my walk earlier in the day. See people? There is such a thing as Autumn in Los Angeles, you just have to know where to find it.

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