Thankful to be given time with my family

Halloween has come and gone and so has Thanksgiving. I had Thanksgiving twice! More on that in a moment. But first,  Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons. Somehow, I have neglected taking photos. Maybe it’s because I only have my iPhone6 for quick snaps as I need to get my lens replaced on my Olympus Pen. iPhone photos are good but nothing captures life like a real camera, the shutter, the sound, the light. My Canon is wonderful but it’s a bit too bulky to carry in my luggage sized purses. I mean, I have extra shoes to carry in there to fittings. For regular blog photos I find that I love my Olympus Pen, the high quality photos with changeable lenses for customization and settings ranging from Auto to Manual like a professional camera but the ease and size is like a point and shoot. Listen to me, I’m pining for my camera.

And lucky for me, Thanksgiving came and then it came again! My first round was celebrated a week before the actual Holiday because my mommy was in town! It gave us time to shop for our decadent items and not have to do the grocery store hustle; as in the typical American linebacker rage through aisle after aisle, willing to take down someone with your cart or boot for a can of cranberry sauce that no one really wants but always ends up on the table. So that, in itself, was a holiday!
Autumn comes to everyone, you just have to know where to look.




These are mochi from my favorite mochi shop, Fugetsu-do! How cute are they?!

For me, Halloween was here and gone and I didn’t do much but dress up with cat ears and prowl the neighborhood giving out candy on the street and stopping for a Starbucks.
And my little girls, of course. Left: Sathony the Skull Princess | Right: Amoura

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