Springtime is blossoming in our hearts

L.A. Fashion Week has started! There is a lot going on and it’s busy busy time. Between castings and other things, there doesn’t feel like enough time in a day.
I try to steal away a few moments before bed to catch up with some online work, to take a moment to call my mommy and breathe and clear my mind when walking my babies.
And between going location to location, stopping by to look at the sakura, drink tea and maybe eat a mochi!
I’m very happy that spring is here! It makes my heart blossom… oh, my obsession with cherry blossoms!!
Sakura are kisses!! ちゅちゅちゅ

Pastries for the family, and a bite for me from Paris Baguette. ~__~ | Mochi mochi mochi! How I love you! These are at Fugetsu-do – The Best mochi in L.A.

Amoura is stealing Cookies~!

One of my favorite hobbies, find and trying out new beauty supplies, supplements and regiments.

Spring Weather in Los Angeles! SO beautiful!

When castings take you to the oceanside! It’s fun for about 5 minutes, and then, back to the moontan. I am not a beach bunny.

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