Society1 “It’s Yours Now” Video Shoot – BTS+Video

A few weeks ago, Society 1 shot a new video! And I was given the opportunity to be a part of it. I had a such great time on set with the band (Sweetest guys ever!) and all of the amazing models (So GORGEOUS!). Everyone was so talented, sweet and hard working. I especially want to thank Matt Zane, who is the lead singer/director/editor/one-man-machine for putting in so much time, effort, patience and for making it all come together. I swear the man isn’t human! I just hope we, the models, have helped make his vision a reality. So, Thank you, Mr. Zane!!

The world premiere was on the 3rd of July! BUT, July 2nd was the private premiere followed by a show by the band.
Here are some behind the scenes moments:
Having a great time with Suzy Q – Sweetest Heart! | Beau and I – He’s amazingly talented, handsome and so sweet!!!

3 Girls with really long hair, Suzey, Me and Christy. They are angels!

Behind the Scenes, it’s always a good time.

Christy, Sin and I – We Sexy! Date us. Not that we’re desperate or anything.

Dressing Room and with the gorgeous Suzy Q!

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  1. That looks incredible! And looks like a lot of fun. I imagine the video is going to look stunning. Wish I was in Los Angeles for the premier of this. Your smile is addictive.

  2. Looking Gorgeous Lady! Video is bitching. You stand out amazingly well. Everyone looks great. Awesome track too!

  3. Fucking glorious! Your hair looks stunning, you look stunning and that video and the girls in it are hot as fuck! Fucking sexy!

  4. Great work Amber! You look beautiful in the video too so pleased for you; thanks for sharing. Keep following your dream :-) Craig

  5. What a fascinating video. Really stylish. I feel like maybe the background could have altered slightly but you look incredible.

    The behind the scenes is hilarious! Those faces!

    1. I understand what you’re saying about the BG. Matt definitely did his best on such a super mega tight budget. I think everyone looked really stylish and we all put in so much effort.

      Hahaha, being on set is fun. Fun people keep it from being boring.