Roaming inbetween the worlds of sleep and awake

I’m short on things to say and prefer letting my actions do the talking for me. Lately, I just want to live life and let photos speak for themselves.
Andre, The Amber’s and Sydney V Smith “The Giraffe Woman” outside of The Viper Room after Society 1.

Society 1! Thank you Kaley Nelson for the great photo!

Andre and I – Photo by Amber! ♡ | Beau, Amber, Andre and Amber

Thank you to my wonderful friend Zsu Zsu, who just happened to be in Los Angeles for a 7 hour layover! She took these photos of me & somehow talked me out of putting on my make-up. She’s got to be the best smooth talker I know, separating me from my face.  She also took the recent photo in the issue of Pump Magazine. I set my camera up for her and let her start snapping.

These Photos were taken by the beautiful and talented Amber. We have the best chick dates Ever!

And these were taken by Katrina Brown and Ryan Greenberg.
Make-up and Hair by: Lupe Moreno

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  1. I’m so pleased that you are busy in every area of your life. It all looks amazing. You are gorgeous without makeup. Gorgeous with it too. But your eyes are so magnetic.

  2. Simply incredible. Every shoot you do looks different, you bring such a grace to everything.

  3. Gorgeous as ever!!!Why are you so contantly gorgeous? I love your shoots but life shots arejust as fun!

  4. Incredible work. You have such a natural beauty and are so graceful. Always stunning.

    You make a gorgeous couple! That is, if you are dating. I don’t want to be presumptuous.