Recent Photoshoots/Tearsheets

Modeling for the crazy talented Michelle Uberreste
Make-up/Hair: Britten Faith

Copyright: RYDER makeup labs LLC
Model: Amber Cobelle
Photographer: James Ryder
Art Director: Simon Justice – Creatively Candid
Designer: MERLIN CASTELL at La Maison De Fashion, Inc.
Make-up Artist: Lyssa Kay
Hair: Erin Tierney
Producer: Kelli Kickham
Production Supervisor: Sarah Sprole, Hair & Makeup Artistry

Here are some faces when I’m just playing around. It happens.

Back in November I was featured in DeVour Magazine. And recently shot with them again. I look forward to seeing myself on the cover come April 2015!
Here are the tearsheets from the Halloween issue. I’m also posting a few offshots from the make-up. I think these where shot last July.
Photographer: Melina DeSantiago
Art Director: Christine Lunday
Models: Bree Kish, Abigail Hope Mitchell & Amber Cobelle
MUA: Des Arellano
Hair: Abigail Nuezca


From the upcoming magazine!

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