Porsche Design Sunglasses

What do you do when you find the absolute perfect item?
I tell you what you do: First, you think about it and how it will effect your happiness.
And if it’s a big splurge, think about it whether or not you will love it next season.
Ask yourself, will this be in style two years down the road? Or five years down the road?
Will you suffer from Post-Posh Depression? That is, the affliction of guilt after a good shopping bender.
This is the item in question: Porsche Design Sunglasses

I absolutely believe in buying something in quality over quantity. It is important that you buy something that is quality. But, I also feel that if you’re going to make the effort and the splurge of spending a good sum that you need to invest in something that will stand the test of time.

And after all of that thinking that you have done regarding this product, my last question before the splurge is this:
Do you find yourself thinking about it obsessively?
Are you thinking about it days and days later? A week later?
Various times a day?

If you are doing these things, I think it’s time to go ahead and buy it! Buy it, I certainly did. Every question I asked in the before context was absolutely check marked.
My style is something of a unique taste. The style of my liking’s are things that are extremely simple in color and design. However, I am a big big stickler for detail and quality.
The details must be absolute perfection for me. Therefore, when I find something that I actually like, because let’s face it, there are so few things that I actually like.
I’m a nightmare to shop with. I will admit it! I absolutely know that I am a nightmare to shop with or for. However, I do love shopping. The thrill of the hunt! The thrill of the kill!
I am grateful that I don’t suffer from post posh depression.

Absolute Love!

A little post Starbucks celebration afterward. Don’t you just adore them?

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