Photos by John Jay

Photos from our shoot in Calabasas for an Editorial in a bridal magazine.

Photographer: John Jay Davison
Make-up and Hair were done by yours truly!
Clothing: Tina Summers Label
Jewelry: SML Designs
My cohorts in Modeling: Swee and In, gorgeous ladies! Inside and out, beauty.
What an amazing team to work with. I had such a great time with everyone and viewing the outcome of the photos is always such an exciting moment. A positive mindset is very important to the outcome of a project; everyone feeds off one another’s energy and you can definitely tell in the final results if something was off or amiss. And I have to say, these photos are exceptional.

The team was amazing! Everyone put in such hard work, keeping in  great spirits the entire time.  The weather was perfect, slightly overcast with a warm temperature that wasn’t overbearing.  And everyone felt valued, that’s one of the most important things in life, I think. Everyone wants to feel valued. In my opinion, to be a good person you have to make everyone feel that they are worth the energy and time.  When I feel like I am needed, it makes my heart truly happy and able to radiate light and love.

So, thank you team! You are all amazing. Amazing to work with, amazingly talented and with such blessed and talented spirits. Your light truly was shown and I’m so happy to have been able to do this editorial with you all, it’s something I am very proud of and happy to be given the chance and opportunity.

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