Photo Shoot with Stacey Shipp

Shooting with Stacey Shipp was an amazing experience. Not only was my mommy in town to come with, but my sister also. We drove out to the coast to shoot, having girl time along the way. They had the opportunity to see what a shoot is like from beginning to end. It was a lot of fun and I’m so happy with the outcome. Stacey is beyond incredible, her artistic vision impeccable.
Photography: SS Photography
MUA: Lupe Moreno
HAIR: Mayra Santillion
Lashes: MD Lashes
Lipstick: “Geisha” by Lust &Desire – Mayra Santillion’s brand. Gorgeous color!
Dress: Retro Reload

These images made the cover, both front and back of PUMP magazine.

Outtakes from the day:

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. What a great photographer and the model is stunning. I’m so proud of you.. it’s so ethereal.

  2. Stunning work by everyone involved. You look radiant and so happy. It’s good to see you posting again. I hope that September is starting out well for you.

  3. Incredible photography. What a wonderful shoot. Dare I say you look more gorgeous everyday? You are amazing, my beauty.

  4. My dearest beautiful Amber,

    I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! *hugs* I know I’m early but I will be attending a wedding tomorrow and I wanted to make sure you knew I’d be thinking of you and wishing you good things and sending you positivity and love.

    I hope tomorrow is a beautiful day for you with all things wonderful and delicious.


    Love always

    1. Thank you so much, my love! I truly appreciate your kind thoughts and beautiful spirit. You are always on my mind and in my heart. I hope that the wedding was full of happiness and joy. ♡♡♡