Outfit at the Grove

Outfit at the Grove – I love living in Los Angeles for the fact that you can always go shopping pretty much at any time, any place for anything you want. I do love the trap that is, The Grove, but not on the weekend… No way! This tourist mecca is a small but enjoyable area. Very popular with visitors to L.A. , datenights or just those out to people watch. Those of us who live in Los Angeles know that the weekends are best to be avoided and occasional weeknights. If there is something you really want or need, go during the weekdays. It’s by far more enjoyable.

BELOW | A beautiful floral arrangement makes me smile, no matter the day.

BELOW | Shopping with Amoura – Such an angel! On this night, I picked her up some lamb. | Roses

BELOW | Roses | Coming home from a day of whatever is always better knowing that there are my babies to take for a walk.

BELOW | At the end of the day it is nice to be able to come home and work on some art, spend time with those that you love doing what you love. As you can see, I was here working on a portrait of the lovely and iconic, Audrey Hepburn from the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and it is titled, of course, Moon River.

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