New Fashion, New Season, New Me

There is a season of change, of solace, of comfort. Seasons are a time to reflect, change and redirect focus and energy. It’s important to take your own life to task, re-order and see where there could be improvement and alignment.

Fashion can change your mind. There is a reason they call it retail therapy. As I said in a previous post, recently. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a fashion capsule. So, I decided I wanted to do another one since I haven’t been blogging very much. But, I am trying to change that and blog some more. People seem to enjoy fashion capsules and blogging seems to be something of the past anymore. So, here’s my little bitty capsule from Autumn going into winter of 2017.

Bags: Kate Spade – Pink and Black | Trousers: Rag&Bone  J Brand
Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent | Boots: Saint Laurent | Scent: Chanel No.5
Tops: La Perla Sheer blouseHelmut Lang White Sweater – Herringbone Men’s Dress Shirt
Tops: Turtlenecks (not seen) – Sweaters of various brands – A Blazer (a must have!)

Some changes? Not so much, Although I did buy a pair of J Brand Flare jeans, I don’t wear them nearly as much as I do my skinny Jeans. I decided to go into the J Brand territory, only because the inseam of my Rag and Bone are very shor and I  need a longer inseam. Turns out, Rag&Bone listened! I recently seen they have a TALL option in size 23!  Skinny jeans are a love and a great addition to your diet, they let you know when you’ve become too fat and you need to put down the chocolate. Amber, put down the chocolate.

Just a girl
Customized the size on a watch! I’ve been wanting a big sexy watch for a long time but they are all too large for my wrist. I found a watch I loved and had some of the pins removed. Piece of cake!

Since dealing with the loss of my baby, for a while I was taking closure with shopping. Giving my mind a break from the constant thinking, crying and hiding away from the world. For a while, I was walking the world alone in search of beautiful things. Then, there was a stumble in which I became the full time care giver for my mom. And no matter what, I am still mourning my baby. But shopping is no longer my main focus, again, there is no time for me. Maybe it’s a good thing.

This is my everyday bag. It carries all the things I need without being overbearingly big!
So pretty, right? And on the right, that’s a carry all. I can pack a weeks worth of clothes in there. Great for meetings.
chanel no 5, I love you.

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