My past week with photos. ♡

Some are taken with a real camera and some with my phone. I’ve been busy doing lots of different things and have been quite a few places.

Society 1 – They were as wonderful and as kind and generous as ever.

This was taken by the incredibly talented, Kaley Nelson.

Isn’t this shirt so cute?! I found it at Forever 21 Kids.

The bow in the back makes me squeal~!!!!!!

Cream Puffs~! I made these 3 times…..
These are chocolate mousse filled. I’m happy my acting coach and his family loved them!
These are Vanilla Cream and strawberry

These are Chocolate mousse and strawberry

This was a gift for Women’s Day from my acting coach. Thank you~! It was delicious~! Brought from Russia by his Mother in Law. ♡

My Nails this week.

I hope I can update more soon. ♡

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  1. Aww, I see you in front! So adorable!
    I LOVE THAT SHIRT! They make the cutest clothes for kids!!!

    Your nails! Gah, you are so sparkly, I love your life.

  2. You look stunning, that top photo! You are magnetic!

    It’s interesting to me to see some of your world. It like those little glimpses in.

    1. Awww, Matty!!! ♡
      I’m happy you like seeing the small glimpses. I like looking into other peoples as well, we are voyeurs. I just hope no one finds my life too boring.

      1. Your life boring? No. You could sit next to a white wall all day and you would not be boring. That’s not to say you do these things but you know what I’m saying.

  3. Beyond beautiful, beyond talented at EVERYTHING. Is there anything you can’t do? I want a birthday cake of creme puffs made by you!@__@

  4. Also, it makes me so happy to see your coordinates! So cute! That striped shirt is adorable. I wish I could shop in the kids section! I never thought I’d say that!

  5. これから応援していきますね~!




  6. I really like these small capsules of life. It’s fun! Like, if I went to that show and seen you there, I’d hug you so hard!

  7. You are stunningly beautiful. And so talented! I really idolize you! Your make looks different, did you change it recently?

    Also, in that concert photo, the guy next to you!!! LMFAO!