Mugged for Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Not necessarily in Los Angeles. But, we were fortunate enough to have a very cool Christmas this year making it was absolutely beautiful.
It was nice to have my family in the house for the holiday. Unfortunately, everyone wasn’t necessarily feeling that great.

On Christmas Eve, when I went out to fetch a couple of things to make Christmas dinner. I was assaulted during at attempted mugging.
It is something that is always so unexpected, and very scary. It will definitely shake your nerves.
If you have never been engaged in an attack, I can only tell you that it will rattle your insides; you will definitely remember it.
Unfortunately, this is not my first mugging and it is not my first attack.

A few years ago, when I lived in Seattle I was assaulted and robbed just a few months prior to moving to California.
That attack resulted in a swollen face and a bruised eye, as he hit me and took my things. It occurred in one of the busiest areas of Seattle.

This attack happened in a very public area as well. He came up behind me on a bicycle and tried to rip the handbag off my arm.
I was completely blindsided having no idea at first what was going on until three seconds later when I realized it was not just an accident.
Finding myself holding onto my bag having somehow quickly got back to my feet after having been drug across the ground and somehow underneath his bicycle.
He kept tugging then he started screaming at me “I’m going to hit you, I’m going to hit you!”
And then he pulled out a hammer. Life stopped for that moment. Frozen seconds of fear.

At this point, I was fixing to release my handbag, obviously. Then car horns started honking and a couple of people started yelling towards him.
At that point, he jumped on his bicycle and got away so quickly that I have no idea where he went.
By the grace of God, and the the hand of strangers, I was safe.

Quickly, I ran to a man who was one of the people yelling at him. He asked me what had happened and I explained it.
I shook his hand and thanked him very much for his concern and his help.
If one person’s voice is enough to keep a person safe, I say use that voice to help your fellow man.
You will be thanked with the heart of heaven.
Honestly, that in itself gave me enough to be thankful for this Christmas.  There is no gift greater than my family and I couldn’t ask for more.
But as a gift from above: I was given safety and it turn, left me with a heart knowing that there is still kindness in humanity.
My faith is reaffirmed, as it is with any kind moment and gesture shared by many or few.

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