Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is a day that can be a lot of fun. This Halloween I had the scariest of times possible, Halloween was the day that Amoura was to undergo surgery for her tumor. When you are dealing with a sick child or animal, it is the scariest thing that you can ever face.

No amount of horror, gore or scary movies can ever frighten you the way that true fear can.  By true fear, I mean the things that surround us in this world. Things that will happen to us, those unavoidable moments that are the haunt of us all. These are the things, we may have never seen coming but we know they are always there around the corner waiting for us.

Knowing that Amoura had surgery coming up on Halloween day, I decided that would be fun to take a little trip to go to Mr. Bones pumpkin patch in Culver City a few days prior since Halloween was to be eventful in personal and medical matters and not for Holiday fun.

Yes, it’s absolutely childish but it was a lot of fun anyway. I definitely needed something lighthearted considering all of the stress and sleepless moments going on in life. I’m going to share with you some photos from that day. Looking back, I don’t think it is something that I would do every year but for a one time thing it was a lot of fun. There wasn’t much to do or see but I always appreciate it when somebody puts in the effort of the spirit of the holiday.

Corn bred and corn fed, midwest girl.

Outfit of the day: White House Black Market Fur Vest, Sneakers, Rag & Bone skinny jeans, Porsche Design sunglasses , Ponytail

How cute!

Standing at the entrance. And the best part, PETTING ZOO!! Baby Goats! How do you talk to a little baby goat? You can’t boo, quack, baa or neigh

I got me a sweet ride, Radio Flyer~!

Sheep, Goats, piggies, chickens~! Love love~!

Just having a silly billy time.

James and the Giant Peach? How about Peach and the Giant Pumpkin?

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