Love my Nails!

Love my Nails! My Man Jason at Nail Service! His work is absolutely impeccable, he is perfection at his craft.

I never thought that I would find a nail technician that I liked, let alone would see exclusively. But, I love this guy. He does the most perfect ombré around. I love a White French ombré since it blends seamlessly as it grows out. I like classically traditional things, and as life gets more hectic, I’ve found myself choosing things that are easier to maintain so that I can just grab and go.

Lately, I even further get behind classic simplicity and that’s about it. I’ve always been a person who has traditional values at the core; basing myself around a simple mind and heart. It could be the Virgo astrology sign enjoying basic pleasures.

For nails, I don’t have enough energy to go chasing crazy manicures.  Formerly, I used to be into the 3D Japanese Deco Nails, and I still absolutely appreciate the style and aesthetic. To this day, I love picking up the nail magazines and see the style and trends that are a la mode. For me today, with this life I’ve been living, I just can’t deal with the upkeep of them.

Aren’t they beautiful?

There is nothing like coming home to a bouquet of roses. Although pink and white are my adoration, I love a sweet lilac purple.

And everyone needs candles to relax. So fantastic.

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