Love Love Hot Pink

When I feel stressed, I can become quite the spendthrift. Normally, I am very good with money. The person my family comes to and asks for financial advice. And on ocassion, I give it without their asking simply for their better good.  However, as I said, when I am feeling extremely anxious on the inside, there is a habit to rob my wallet. It is a strange way to deal with anxiety and emotional struggles. But, it is not at all uncommon. There is a reason they call it retail therapy.

Love love my beautiful new hot pink Kate Spade bag. I am in love with hot pink this season. And as with all seasons, I am obsessed with quilted totes and satchels since I carry so many things with me.

How stunning? Shopping is most certainly my favorite cardio.

What a beauty! I love shopping, the thrill of the hunt and then the purchase. Oh, the thrill of the kill.

It’s the small size which allows me to carry plenty still but not weighing me down a ton like a lot of my other totes and satchels.

My little love, Amoura and I – On our way to the Oncologis. She is still in remission and our next appointment with our amazing doctors are in August.

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