Los Angeles Winter Fashion Capsule

So, winter is here and it is starting to come to it’s end as it has always done and it always will do.  Winter and autumn in Los Angeles is a unique time since we normally have very mild winters and very little autumn.  This year was different in that we have El Niño coming through and it’s brought quite an interesting fluctuation in weather. Just a few weeks ago it was 73 degrees and sunny, a week ago it was chilly, raining with gusts of wind that would knock you over and today it is 82 degrees.

In a normal season, Californians are still in the mood just like the rest of the country; we want to curl up in a cashmere turtleneck with a cup of hot tea or coffee even though it’s 85° outside and the rest of the country is in the 30’s. This year, we actually had a chance to feel united with America and it was a legit season! In October, we actually reached 100°F! Which was pretty unbearable for a good portion of people, and especially our little FURmily.  And then the next month it drop down to 38° at night…! The weather here is menopausal. Hot Flash, cold front….

All and all, it’s been nice though! When I moved here from my previous city of Seattle, I was used to gorgeous lush wet winters of green with the occassional snow storm. And when I moved to Los Angeles, my first winter was a hot one where it was an 85 degree Christmas. 2015 proved interesting in that we went straight from summer clothes right into wearing coats!  And oh, how I love a coat! I bypassed all of my leather jackets, with a little sadness, and went straight to the fur muffs and cuffs.

This season, I have noticed that I have been integrating A LOT of white to my outfits. That being said, for my jackets I’ve added a white trench coat with lace trim to my closet. And a Black Coat with fur cuffs and fur collar. They are imported from Japan since I have trouble finding American clothes that fit appropriately.


Black Coat: Rady | White Coat: Pinky Girls| Black Leather Jacket: H&M Kids | Blazer: Calvin Klein

Jeans: Rag&Bone – I exclusively wear their jeans. They are pretty much life and death.

Tops/Dresses/Jumpsuits:  Club Monaco, Alice+Olivia, Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang

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