A Literary Tea Party

A literary Tea Party ♡

Wagashi from my favorite Mochi and Manjuu shop, Fugetsu-do!
Wagashi from my favorite Mochi and Manjuu shop, Fugetsu-do!  My favorite is the sweet pink-colored rice cake with a red bean paste center, and wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf. So Good!
Books on top of books! Fairy-tails, classics and favorites.
Narcissus, Daffodils, Easter Lilies, Call them what you will. They are such an amazing representation of Spring. The bold yellow color is enough to make anyone smile, it’s a smell and taste of sunlight.
Sakura mochi on the left | And Gyu-hi with a sakura sugar flowers. Adorable!
Origami flowers created by my sister. How cute are these? It’s like passing notes.
The Sleeping Beauty, one of my favorites. I love my tomes of Fairy Tails.
I used glass tea cups and saucers for the feeling of reading glasses, so that you can see the lettered place mats beneath for dimension.
I am drinking cherry blossom (Sakura) tea. I am basically obsessive over anything sakura. They are of my personal theme colors of Neapolitan.
It’s important to create dimension on a table. I use different heights of everything. From stemware to dessert plates to pillars with candles. Naturally, flower are amazing at creating height. It’s also very important to create a certain ambiance, depending on what you want to represent and put forth. In this case, it was a literary tea party so I wanted that feeling of warm and inviting, something you want to sit down to and snuggle in with a book and a good cup of tea. Snacks to keep you happy and lots of books so that you can talk about ones you love and find some that maybe you haven’t read yet.

♡How cute is this?  Somewhere, there was an idea to have a literary tea-party. I love nothing more than a theme.  It was a lot of fun, where you get a chance to discuss and share some of your favorite books. Concepts, themes, authors.

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