Let’s go to Disney Land!

I finally went to Disney Land! And also California Adventure!  It was really beautiful with Halloween around the corner, it was pretty fantastic for the eyes. I couldn’t stop smiling. I didn’t take too many photos because I wanted a chance to experience it. So, only on certain attractions did I take photos.

The Tower of Terror was FANTASTIC!! I also rode one of the Roller Coasters and it was so good. I just wish there were more adult oriented rides but then again, it is Disney Land. One of my biggest shocks, The Star Wars ride was amazing and I’ve never even seen one of the movies. I rode on many attractions, it was all really beautiful. It seems like more of a visual atmosphere moreso than a ride based thing.

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      1. You have definitely lost more veight. What size are you now? Listen to me, your fellow drunk aunt Sandy! I am going to bring you some double fried Rántott sajt and krumplis lángos.
        I’ve put on a size since moving to NYC. It could by my cooking and all those heavy cream latte’s, cheesecake and fucking street vending saltyweiners begging to be devoured…..

        1. OMG, RANTOTT SAJT… Those the deep fried cheese things? I WANT THOSE SO BAD RIGHT NOW~! Remember that time, you made them for me one morning after a night of wayyyy to many French 75s?
          KRUMPLIS LANGOSKA!!!! Those are also the greatest things of my life. I’m fixing to go undo myself with frying up some cheese….. the midwest and Hungary is bubbling in my stomach!

        2. I guess I’m a size 2? IDK, that’s what I buy at H&M.
          The clothes I was wearing that day were a Juniors Small.
          Also, miss size 8, you are also a lot taller than I am~!

          1. A junior small? HM size 2? HM is pretty known for running small. Be careful, and eat Rántott sajt!!!!
            Yea, I’m 7 or 8 inches taller than you but….eh, fuck it. We Hungarians love to be fat and happy.

            1. I will eat the rantott sajt if you will cook it for meeee~!!!

              A size 8 is not fat Zsu~! You look like a freaking model. So tall and beautiful. I do love the appreciation Hungarians have for food and the inability to be self conscious.

      1. I do remember these things. I’m a good friend of yours and it’s not just photos that I’m talking about. =)

  1. Awesome pictures Amber! Beautiful weather too lucky you! we are approaching hibernation mode in the Northern Hemisphere lol! Got your post thank you and have dropped you an e-mail. Have fun Craig

    1. Yes, it was a gorgeous day with my spf 100 on! I had a nice time.
      Today it was raining, it was stunning. I haven’t seen rain since I’ve moved here.

      I’ll mail you soon. Happy that it arrived safely. ^___^

  2. You finally got to go?! Wonderful! My parents never took me either. I’m so happy you look so beautiful. What a smile.