Kawaii Land!

Kawaii Land was a great success and so much fun! I am honored to have worked with all of the talented models, MUAs, photgraphers, designers, hosts and guests for making it very memorable and fun. Everyone put in so much hard work and dedication, I think it really shows.
Designers: Grace of Electric Stars Clothing  & Laura of Pretty Star Clothing
Photos by: Vin Khommarath, B Natural Photography, Jonathan Pivaral, Shannon Cottrell
Video: Sikend Art Olsen from In The Flesh Films
We also made it on LA Weekly.

Behind the Scenes:
Photos: B Natural Photography

Photo: Vin Khommarath
Vin Khommarath8

Photo: Vin Khommarath
Vin Khommarath8
Vin Khommarath6
Photos: B Natural Photography
Electric Stars-142

Electric Stars-183
Electric Stars-185

Electric Stars-195
Electric Stars-202
Electric Stars-203
Electric Stars-204
Electric Stars-220
Electric Stars-237

Me with Rilakkuma!!! Photo Left: Vin Khommarath | Photo Right: B Natural Photography
Photo: Jonathan Pivaral

Fashion Show:
Photos: Vin Khommarath

Photos: Shannon Cottrell.
Video: Sikend Art Olsen from In The Flesh Films

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  1. お疲れさまです☆ これからも大好きです!

  2. It looks like an amazing time. My favorite photos are always behind the scenes. I guess I’m a voyeur. You look so good, I think I prefer your normal makeup to that but it’s still beautiful.

    1. I also get what you mean when you say behind the scenes. I agree, I love seeing BTS footage and photos. Just to see what goes into any production.

  3. I hope you don’t find this offensive as there are so many things to notice about you, you are gorgeous! Everything about you is perfect but your hands are so beautiful!

    1. Not offensive at all. I think it’s amazing that you find such detail in something, it’s a true artists eye. Thank you for finding my hands beautiful. That’s a sweet compliment!

  4. I think I’ve commented on everything you posted on F.B. but there is so much more content here. I applaud your humble approach to everything, seriously. I wish the world could me your sweet sincerity.

    Those kitty socks!
    That strawberry outfit! MY GOD YOU ARE CUTE!