How Spooktacular.

Thank you to Lory of Pretty Spooky for the sweet gift package~! ♥ It always makes my day better when a package arrives from such a wonderful sweet person. Love you~!
This purse is BEYOND CUTE~!!! And it goes perfectly with a the jacket my sister bought me as a gift from Pretty Spooky.

Cookies~!!! They were AMAZING~!!! They went nom nom in my tummy right after this was taken, they stood no chance of survival. My girls had a bite too, they loved them~! We are predators for sweets.
There was another package that arrived as well. Perhaps in a couple days.

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  1. How is that California Autumn treating you?
    I see you are already ready for Christmas! Wow, girl, you are on top of it. And looking beautiful as ever.

    1. California Autumn is….. strange. *laugh* A few leaves started to shed on a tree outside so I’m not missing Seattle’s gorgeous scenes so much. After dark in L.A. it gets chilly enough that I don’t miss it though. Plus, I just drink a Starbucks and close my eyes, smile and know that I’m in good hands.

      Thank you~!!!! Are you ready for Christmas?