Have a Hollywood Jolly Christmas

Hello Sugarplums, It’s that time again, Christmas Cards are starting their production! Want a Christmas card from me? Comment that you want one! Then, I’ll e-mail you to confirm your name and address. ♥ ♥
Everyone in the world is welcome. ♥

First major stop for Christmas shopping? Hollywood~!
I tried on a pair of jeans in Zara! For the first time in probably 10 years. Mainly, it was a vanity thing, to see what size I am. *laughs* I walked out confident, smallest size they had~! Yes!

Victoria’s Secret. I always go crazy for the pink displays~! My favorite color!! I can’t resist and have to buy something if I go in.

Coffee at Javista – A Delicious Soy Latte made by a cute Irish guy. The pastries also looked good but I decided to be a good girl.

It’s really beautiful after dark, all the Hollywood Lights. And the Christmas Tree~! ♥

Headed home~! To show off my booty~!
And a Big Thank You to the young man who caught me by my upper arm, catching me from falling, when the subway got pushy.

Even though I was out shopping for hours and hours, I still couldn’t sleep until after dawn. So, I watched a sunrise from my bed.

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  1. Did you buy those jeans? they look so good on you! Victoria’s Secret is the best, it’s a pit of doom, I end up spending wayyyyy to much there. The perfume! omg!

    1. I didn’t buy them but then went back a week later and bought them~! LOL~! I had to HAD TO HAVE THEM~!

      Yes, VS is a money pit! Everything is so pretty that you just…. NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE

  2. Hey Amber! Someone has started their Christmas shopping early I wish I was that organised- I think it must be a man thing – leaving it to the last minute lol! They have been plugging Christmas here since September (incl Xmas trees!!! ) you can buy Turkey & Cranberry sandwiches pre- Halloween – it must be a Brit thing :-/ lol! Your looking good Amber Take Care lovely and Enjoy Thanksgiving :-) Craig

    1. *laugh* It really is a guy thing~! Many of you guys are last minute, it’s amusing.
      I make lists for everything, I’m a bit OCD about daily schedules. *laugh* I wish I could relax as a man more.
      ♥ Thank you~!