Happy Thanksgiving 2013

For my fellow American friends, I am wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving. And for my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah! ۞

Since Halloween, I’ve been in absolute Christmas mode. I’ve ordered my tree and had it up 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, started shopping for gifts, wrapping them and have been watching my favorite Christmas movies. All the while enjoying Silk – Seasonal Nog and So DeliciousCoconut Mint Chocolate Milk in my coffee!! Now that it’s officially in full swing, I’m going to try and hit many Christmas sites in Los Angeles.

Since I am unable to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family in Seattle, I sent them a gift box filled with their favorite chocolates, cookies, candies, cheeses, crackers and of course, a card and photo of me. But, I also sent some of my papa in miniature urns for them because that way the family is all together this Holiday. I’m laughing at the thought of them pulling him out of the box and them going “That’s Amber for you~! Dad would be happy that she put him next to the truffles” Some people find my approach to life and death a little intense with it’s black comedy. But, my family is considered eccentric by most peoples standards, so I think they understand. And I am thankful for a lot this year.

I am spending Thanksgiving with my fur-babies and wishing someone was in Los Angeles on this day, but I’m not lonely. I’ve cooked myself a small but overly decadent and delicious meal, went out for coffee and taking a long walk in hopes of burning a few of those calories consumed. *laugh*  How I love to bake and cook~!!!!

Rosemary heart shaped bread, pumpkin ravioli in rosemary and garlic brown butter, Cabernet sauvignon  and cheesecake with macerated berries and dark chocolate.
Going for my coffee and walk in this bunny jacket, it’s not figure flattering but so warm~! I’ve been living in these knit shorts, so cozy~! I’ll be doing a winter fashion capsule soon.
Love you all,

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  1. Aww !!!! I hope you had a nice time by yourself ! I wish we had something like that in France, but we don’t. French people are not really thankful in general, they feel like everybody owes everything to them.
    That’s a pity.
    I can’t wait for your fashion post dear ! *bunches bunches kisses and hugs*

    1. I did have a good time with my doggies. We loved our food~!
      America is the same way, Americans think the world owes them something.
      That’s why they are very greedy. Christmas isn’t special here and Thanksgiving is about football.
      It makes me sad.

      Love you~! ♥

  2. Happy Thanks Giving to you and your doggles. I bet your mom cried when she pulled your dad out of box. OMG, that was untentional joke.

    My god you are beautiful and my god, you are a hell of a cook! And you have a heart of platinum.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, doll~!
      You are RIGHT~! SHE DID CRY!! I felt like… I don’t know, a bit surprised and let down that she did but it was also expected, I suppose. BTW, that was a good joke~! My dad would have approved, hardcore approval from both of us!

      ♥ Nah, but I do appreciate it.

  3. You cooked that?! Wow! You are so talented and gorgeous. You are not fair. Happy Thanksgiving to you~! I just woke up from the Turkey coma to go back for more. \o0o/

      1. The turkey was gone by the time everyone was in bed. Leftovers? Not in my family! *laughs* We are some oinkers, girly.

  4. You are such an inspiration. The first year away from my family, I was so unmoved to celebrate the Holidays. How do you find the motivation?

    You have such beautiful eyes! and style! And legs!That foood looks so good.

    1. ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you so much. I wish I was as wonderful as you think I am. I just think that if you can make yourself happy then you will be able to radiate from the inside out and shine your love and share it with the world. That’s where I find the motivation.


  5. Your family is very lucky to have a daughter like you. It must impress your mothers family at your kindness and generosity.
    Everything looks very good! Incredible cooking skills! And you are beautiful. Merry Christmas. I really need to start shopping.

    1. I think I’m gonna cry. That is so sweet of you to say. I don’t know if it’s true but I certainly hope that I am the best possible daughter and sister that I can be.

      ♥ ♥ Merry Christmas to you too~! Get shopping! Don’t be the last minute man shopper, come on now!