Happy New Year & A Christmas in L.A. La Land

Happy 2014 New Year!
First, I humbly want to say THANK Y♡U to everyone who has encouraged & supported me this past year! And boy, has it been a year!!! Most of you seem to have had a roller coaster of a year as well. It’s funny, life’s cosmic rhythm and how we all dance to its melody, some years the beat is more resounding and can rock the lives of everyone who hears it. And other years, it is a soft sound that we seek and hope to find joy and comfort in.

For me personally, 2013 was one of the best & worst years at the same time. A mugging, a near loss of my mama and the death of my father followed by my move to Los Angeles,  meeting such a sweet person & people.♡♡♡ It was a year of death, rebirth and self discovery.
I feel very blessed to have all of you in my life and to be able to live as I do with so much love. Never be scared to let love in and never be scared to follow your heart. Be kind to others and you will be rewarded richly and live feeling fulfilled and joyous.
♡ちゅ ♡ちゅ

Here are more photos from December and Christmas. There will be more photos soon. It was a busy month~!!! For New Year’s Day, I spent it on Rodeo Drive.  Chanel, I L♡VE Y♡U!

This was a girls night, before my mama left. Watching Mad Season, drinking and eating naughty foods and doing pedicures.

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  1. That’s a lot of photos! You look gorgeous but you glow like crazy when you are holding your doggies. Your heart is incredible. Happy New Year, pretty girl.