Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year! Let’s congratulate ourselves and one another for getting through that last one. It was a trying time for most people I know. The majority I’ve met, talked to or seen messages from say Goodbye. As a group, we all say good riddance! Bring on the New Year of 2018 and make it better, if only by a margin. There were so many things that happened, so many lives upheaved and destroyed. So many lives lost; be it from natural disaster and destruction to man made violence and terror. My heart breaks for the world.

Personally, it was a traumatic year, honestly, the hardest of my life. Somehow, we survived. I lost my baby last February, and it still feels the same every day. The pain that I feel is tremendous and I don’t think my heart will ever heal from it. Almost 13 years with her, since she was but 5 weeks old and having met her the day she was born.  She and Amoura are my world, my daughters.

And then in July, I became my mother’s full time caregiver after a very serious work injury. 6 months later and I am still her full time caregiver. All my respect to those who do this for years, it’s very hard, for both sides.  There is no easy way to care for a fellow adult, much less one that is related. I’m hoping this year that her recovery will be full, after surgery I’m sure.   But, any progress is welcome in the situation.

Amoura loves her outings with Mommy. On this day we went to The Grove so that she could see the Christmas decorations. She had a marvelous time and, of course, everyone is always in love with Momo.
A comfy afternoon before Christmas snuggling with my favorite little baby girl. | Christmas Eve Mass. It was really beautiful!
Bye Bye with Mommy. She loves her carrier more than almost anything | A comfy evening in before Christmas with mommy, wearing her darling sweater. We chose this one because we were watching A Flintstones Christmas Carol. One of my absolute favorites!
A lovely evening in Beverly Hills at the Golden Triangle. This was during the lighting. It was okay. Could have been better but we had a good time anyway. | Also, The gorgeous tree!
Santa over The Grove. Always, so so busy.
Coffee and Tea at Peet’s. One of my favorite shops to go!
MoMo outside See’s Candies wating for her caramel. She’s allowed inside but she prefers to await her sweets with viewers.
And looking so pretty for sweets and Santa. Here she is, in her beautiful houndstooth sweater in the charming colors of baby pink and a darling grey.
New Years Eve was quiet around here. It was brought in by a Plain Cheesecake with lemon curd and frosted blueberries. Such perfect colors for New Years.
Plain Cheesecake with Lemon Curd and Frosted Blueberries and Prosecco. It’s never a good holiday without some bubbles in your life.


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