Happy Halloween~!

Happy Halloween to you all.  Ѽ I hope it was great and everyone had a lot of fun~! Until next year, my goblins.

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On Devils Night I went out to watch Society 1. I haven’t seen those guys live in 9 years! They are still some of the nicest, sweetest guys you could ever hope to meet. Thanks for the great time. Diminished 7 were also really good!
I was interviewed and you can see some clips of that as I embedded the video for you.
Also, thanks to the guys in Attaloss for being so hospitable as well. ♥ Hope to see you guys live soon.


On Halloween Day:
I rigged up a Guro Lolita look and gave Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange Creme Frosting to the neighborhood kids.

Now, we are moving into Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. This weather has me missing Seattle’s cold dark time of year with gorgeous blankets of autumn leaves. I’m trying to make my new home feel more comfortable, more warm and inviting. I have this need to feel like it’s giving me a big hug. I’m also re-doing my modeling site. Anytime there is a drastic change in my life, I always feel the need to change my online vision as well, it’s a creative outlet for me. Also, since this is a new city and it’s pretty warm all year round, I’m going to try extra extra hard to make Christmas feel like a real Christmas.

And Here is a piece of Art I did for one of my favorite people in the world, the always gorgeous Lory, who is the creator behind Pretty Spooky.

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    1. I shall never tire of seeing those gorgeous bright eyes of yours sparkle.

      And oh my, you made my favorite cake/icing combo. Choco-orange. *o*

      1. ♥ ♥ You make me tear up with your kind, sweet and loving way, my darling.

        That’s your favorite combo?!? YAY!!! IT’S MINE TOO~~~~~!!!! Tiara’s, teacups and delicious cakes, oh my~!

  1. Are you possibly the most beautiful girl in the world? Your voice is freaking ADORABLE!
    That band looks pretty intense!

  2. It literally hurts to look at you. For one, you are a living doll. For two, I see girls trying to look like dolls but end up looking like pathetic geeks. For three, the northwest misses you like crazy. For four, I’m just happy that you seem to be happy and that’s all that matters.

    Again, it literally hurts to look at your adorableness.

    1. Hahaha, you type like 13 year old girl~! Thank you, Matty. I love you, do0D. I really am missing Seattle these past few weeks. I’ve been going out and getting coffee and feeling the chill in the L.A. air but it’s different than Seattle.

  3. fucking cupcake!!!! and you are also a cupcake. I want to eat you up. You look crazy good but you are getting awfully thin. I’m gonna send you a package filled to brime with cheese, booze and other buttered fats of joy.

    Happy Halloween, punkincake~!

  4. Society 1? They are still around? They still sound the same, in a good way.

    Glad you had a great halloween, kitten. You look really beautiful.

  5. Hiya Amber! Gorgeous photos and enjoyed your interview / band video and of course your super artwork . Can you send some of that sunshine over here – we had a hurricane here last week – that was nice lol! So who is your overall favourite band/singer? and I have to ask what is bubble tea?? Take care lovely lady Craig :-)

    1. Heya Craig~! I hope you had a great Halloween. ^__^ Thank you for watching and checking out my artwork. I’m glad you like them. ♥ ♥

      Yea, I heard about the Hurricane, is everything okay?

      Bubble Tea is Taiwanese tea-based drink with traditionally chewy balls called Boba. Boba is generally made of agar. There is a whole culture dedicated to bubble tea. *laugh* Milk tea, slushies, pudding in the drinks, jellies, lychee…. I generally stick to plain unsweetened green tea with boba.

      My favorite band/singer? That’s really difficult to say~! For many years I’ve been pretty intense on a Japanese band called Buck-Tick. I also listen to The Doors A LOT lately. What about you?

      1. Hello Amber, Thanks for the info on the bubble tea/green sounds delicious! – as a nation known for it’s tea we don’t have this :-S lol!  I will check out the market in Camden Lock (London) though, they have lots of oriental food stalls next time I am there, I do like chai tea though but although I liked my visit to India -their Chai tea -sucked! lol! The hurricane was not so bad thank you, it blew over some garden chairs after all the media hype,  I like your passion for Japanese bands and culture it’s good for the soul- my fav band has to be of course Evanesence -as you know :-) (mainstream i know) but i am always open to a variety of new bands/music. Your new model pictures are amazing Amber! I am so pleased for you settling in well in LA Bye for now Craig

        1. I’m glad you think bubble tea sounds good~! My only drawback to it is that the boba have quite a lot of carbs in them, so it’s something of a treat.

          I really think it’s good that you are open to unknown bands, just like I’m open to maintstream bands. People shouldn’t be limited in their choice and taste. It’s important to growing as a person.

          So happy you like my newest photos. *hugs*

  6. Your costumes look so great! And the cupcakes are really cool. I’m so jealous of everybody who gets to celebrate Halloween that much. I mean, I guess I can if I wanted to but it’s no fun if I’m the only one!

    Glad you had fun at the show. I need to start going to more live shows again, I miss it!

    1. Thank you so much Kayla, and thank you for commenting on my site. I really appreciate it.
      Halloween is a lot of fun. I was alone on Halloween day but I made the best of it. Halloween is too fun not to dress up, I think.

      I missed going to live shows too. I haven’t been to one in a while. It’s a great culture to be a part of.
      Who would you like to see live?