Happy Birthday, Amber~!

Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve been busy nearly everyday. This move has been such a blessing and a huge change in my life. In all honesty, I’ve never been so happy before in so many consecutive days. Naturally, in life, there are many obstacles that a person has to overcome but I feel as though my recent change has given me the energy to persevere; taking on another day and understanding  things that can destroy a person.
Since coming here, I’ve met a lot of new people and have had the chance to experience more than I ever did in my years in Seattle, both very good and very bad situations. Good experiences, bad experiences, it’s simply coming to understand the situation and how it can help you develop into a stronger more resilient person.

Well, I won’t keep lecturing you in psychology and matters of life. I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. My FB, phone and E-mail accounts were bombarded with messages. It made me insanely happy to know that so many care about me, I’m still replying~! I only hope that I can make you all feel that way to.
So, let’s get to it. Hopefully, I’ll be updating more. 
On the 19th, My sister and I went to view a few sites. The highlight being Los Angeles City Hall where you have a great view from the 27th floor~! And we had dinner in DTLA before she had to go back to Uni in WA on the 23rd.

My birthday was on the 20th, so we celebrated Thanksgiving on my birthday because she won’t have time come to L.A. in November. Therefore, we decided to hold it on my birthday because I will be alone for Thanksgiving. It was a quiet night with special phone calls, a few drinks and some very yummy food! Now that my holidays are over until December, I need to go back on my exercise/diet. Also, when I woke up, my sister brought me a pumpkin spice soy latte and a bouquet of alstroemeria~!
Happy Birthday~!
Happy Birthday~!
And on the 21st – I had the chance to go to a club and groove to one of my favorite  Japanese models DJing alongside with the acclaimed Marc Panther of Globe.  A new friend came along, we had a great time. We felt so young, free and joyous.

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  1. omg…. the photo of you and your dog! Why do you need to diet again? you look fucking perfect.

    I fcuking need that food! after this, I’m going out and buying a pumpkin latte and a slice of cheesecake. fuck dieting, bro, just fuck it.

    you look really great though, I don’t think I’ve seen someone be able to overcome so much, and so recently and sstill smile like that.

    1. LMAO~! Thank you, my drunkest of all darlings. I’m happy you seen that photo of me and my babies.
      They are my greatest joy in life.

      Please get the Venti latte~!!!! I only ever order a short or tall. And make that cheesecake a double~!!!!
      You can never be to rich or to thin…. but dammit, your friends can glutton on~!!!

      ♡ You are one of the few who know most of it, my sweetheart.

      1. Yuhz, I know you love those little furboos more than anything.
        I still miss being kurva-krunk with you.

        Just for you, I’m gonna go put 5kgs on my ass in cheesecake and a autumn coffee. And that muthafucker gonna be breve and not a latte!

        Just for all the shit you gone through, I’m buying a bottle of Vodka tonight and name it Amber.

        1. Kurva-KRUNK~!!! God, I miss you saying this in that awesome accent:
          Translated: “Gurl, you be a krunk ass kurva, nugga!”
          Your Original: “Guruhl, yoo bee a Koo-Runk Ahs Kurva, New-Guh!”

          5kgs?! Is that all for me? LMAO~!
          Sounds so good~! Jam out that coffeee~~~. But heck, go on in there and ask for heavy cream instead of half&half. That’s a real treat! You’ll never want to drink my soymilk again.

          Drink Me, Drink me!!! I swear you’ll go into Alice Territory.

  2. I am so pleased that you are enjoying and feeling accepted into the Los Angeles lifestyle. You look so radiant in every photo and I hope that you do run for Mayor.

  3. LA is so huuuuuuuuuuge! Have you gotten lost yet? OMG, I’d be so confused…

    Happy Birthday, again! You deserve all happiness and grand things in life. Live it up, girl!

    1. Arada-boo~! Strangely, I haven’t gotten confused in L.A. yet.
      However, I was confused every single day in Seattle. What is that? SRSLY?
      Thank you, my sweetness~! Same to you, times two. Love you boo.

  4. Happy Birthday Amber! Glad you ate enjoying yourself. Beautiful pictures by the way and great to.see the sights of LA . Enjoy! Craig

    1. Hi Craig~! My deepest apologies for such lateness with everything.
      I’m working on your project today, that is if you are still interested?
      I understand if you aren’t because of my slow tush. Either way, I think the one piece of Ms. Lee is really special. I’m working on it mainly in acrylic/watercolor with detail by ink/pencil.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. I’m really happy here in L.A.

      1. Hiya Amber! Yes so excited about the portraits and yes I will be buying no worries. Ms Lee pic is looking amazing, so pleased! Hey I know being an Arty girl that you need to be in the right frame of mind ( pardon the pun! ) to do your composition. I’m just glad you have settled in nicely in your new city. Take Care Amber. Craig

  5. アンちゃん誕生日おめでとう

  6. Although I wished you a Happy Birthday in E-mail, it is different getting to see your joyous face. Admittedly, joyous but also there is a somber note behind your smile. You know you can talk to me about anything.

  7. If you were any cuter, I would explode. Wait… *Boom* There is no one cuter than you. You really manage a fine line between cute and sexy. You are definitely a rare one. Happy Birthday again!