Hallow Minded


Happy Happy Halloween! Belated though it may be.

As usual, I have the wholesome and boring Halloween of a suburban Housewife. My Halloween Consisted of visiting a little get together a few days before Halloween to see Little Tokyo’s shindig. Always a letdown. My sister went as a clown, her greatest fear and enemy. The day of Halloween, I ran errands per usual and by nightfall, I snapped in some fangs, put my little darling in her costume, gathered the clown and went to buy and hand out candy. Only to stop at my starbucks and grab a tea and coffee.

But, Little Tokyo has 2 of my favorite things, the only things bringing me back.
Number one: Matcha!

Midori Matcha Cafe! Love love their Matcha.

Number 2: Mochi!

My tradition always is to get a mochi at my favorite shop in DTLA – Fugetsu-do!

Also Found in Little Tokyo:

Down in Little Tokyo, there were Clowns of my family and Little Red Riding hood’s arch enemy in a pink onesie!

Moving On. Halloween Day consisted of errands per usual:

Halloween Night VS Halloween Day – Please ignore the hospital like situation going on. Since becoming a full time caregiver for my mom, my house is a bit of a hospice. I’ll get around to that situation later. And what a situation it is.
My bumblebee!

My sweet little bumble-bee. From the land of Blood and Honey

And a
The day after Halloween, it’s time for all the sweet makings. Happy All Saints from Momo and her hoodie

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