Griffith Observatory + Gifts from my sweets!

From my beautiful Priscilla: Panda Barrettes!

And what’s in this lovely little bag? Lipstick, silly~! Smackers like these are never dieting from lipstick.

I went to Griffith Observatory and it has a really beautiful view. I didn’t take that many photos but it was gorgeous watching a sunset from that vantage.

The Following day I became sick with a cold… I have the CURE! Cocoa Shots W Marshmallow Vodka. Booze+Chocolate, kids! I laugh at you sickness, with dayquil/nyquil & CocoaShots in hand!

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  1. Great News Amber! with your inclusion In Art Gypsy – I will be downloading this for sure so pleased for you.Hope you feel better soon! Great updates by the way especially your artwork below. Bye for now Craig