Or “Faith in Spring” by Uhland. And it is so true, you must forget the pain of your current circumstances and know that everything must change and blossom, it is inevitable. Spring is a moment of death and rebirth.
As many of you may know I am quite obsessive over Cherry Blossoms! I will travel hours of distance to see them in Spring, because I need sakura in my life and continue to use them as reference throughout the year!
Their fleeting beauty speaks to my heart. The thrill of having to run to them as a lover within that small fraction of time because if you don’t, they will no longer be there.
That said, Spring brings forth art in me. No matter how unmotivated I am in winter to create , even though I absolutely LOVE winter,  by Spring I am ready to draw and paint the petals of  paper floating down as cherry blossoms!

LEFT: Yuna from Final Fantasy X performing a Sending of dead souls. Watercolor/acrylic/ink/pencil  | You can buy prints HERE
RIGHT: Yuna & Tidus from Final Fantasy X, it’s their love scene – Watercolor/acrylic/ink/pencil – You can buy prints HERE

LEFT: Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII – Watercolor/acrylic/ink/pencil – You can buy prints HERE
RIGHT: This was for a friend’s birthday, He loves Evanescence.

This is a project Lory and I have collaborated on for Chela of Kartikeya and formerly of Coal Chamber.  I did the art, she had it printed to Fabric and is doing the corsetry. Her job is much more difficult than mine.

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