It’s a dog day afternoon

My girls love going to the park to play and have a little picnic. We have a park that is within a few blocks from our home that is dog friendly. They enjoy going there and just basking in the sun. Their fur is so luminous and luxurious.

Below | Amoura and I relaxing in the park, she looks at the clouds daydreaming of chasing chickadees.

Below | In the first photo, we see Sathony has a very strange look on her face, no? | Second photo says: She needs a potato in her life. | Third photo: She will fight you for her carbs!
Below | Her great escape! Oh, the potato shall be hers! I wonder if she realizes she in cannibalizing herself. I mean, she looks just like that potato.
Below | Here I sit, pondering what to make the girls for dinner tomorrow. As Sathony smiles at us ready for her chicken tonight.

Below | They say turkey has tryptophan…. Apparently, all food does according to Sathony. She needs some sleep here.
Below | Earlier in the park when Sathony still had tons of energy. And here my girls are laying side by side, enjoying the park and each other’s company.

Below | Amoura loves how the sun makes her fur feel. Like a warm pet from above. It makes her yawn by photo 2 and by photo 3, she begins to roll around. She can’t help it.

Below | As the sun begins to set on the world, we decide it’s about time to wrap this up and go home.

Below | But first, Sathony says we need to swing by the florist and pick up some flowers.

Below | A summer bouquet fit for any girl! Good choice, Sathony. Now, you see Sathony relaxing in her chase. After all, it’s a tiring life being the most precious of beings.

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