Conceal my Sweet Trouble, Conceal my Delight

Today, I am sharing photos from the past week or so. I’ve done some photos shoots, had some chick dates with my lovely new friend and photographer, Amber. She’s super sweet, funny and so talented!
This first image, taken by Zsu Zsu, is being published in Pump Magazine! Out Yesterday! Get you a copy: HERE

The Amber’s with the lead singer of Skinmask.

The Amber’s with Sydney “The Giraffe Woman” | And with Matt Zane before we all headed over to The Rainbow for the 42nd Anniversary.

Thanks to Matt for the shirt. | Woah, Amber, is that hot pink?

The night before the Society 1/Skinmask/The Rainbow – Amber and I ended up in just about every hot club/bar in Hollywood. Neither of us were drinking but we had a good time. This was taken outside Chateau Marmont.

Industrial L.A. | Amtrak

Santa Ana

On Amtrak on my way to a photoshoot.

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  1. Congratulations on the magazine! That’s a gorgeous photo! You look gorgeous.

    2 Ambers? that must be trouble.

    1. Sorry, I am just fuckin’ happy my name is in a magazine and as a PHOTOGRAPHER! It was so great seeing you, my baby baby baby!!!!!! I just wish we could have hung out longer.

    1. Sorry, I was so worked up over the diet, i forgot to say how beautiful you look and how much i congratulate you on the magazine!

  2. You look so thin!But you look like you’re having a great time. Kudos&Congrats on the magazine! To this one and many many more. I definitely see nothing but upswing in your career.

  3. Hey beautiful,
    It’s been a while! I’m so happy you are being so productive. You look amazing. Your titles never fail to make me smile, the creativity behind everything you do is what represents a true artist.

    1. Belinda!! Muah Muah!! How are you doll?
      Since moving to L.A., it’s like I have to, HAVE TO stay busy. It’s the first city I’ve lived alone in and it’s like a whole new lease on life.

  4. Hiya Amber, Beautiful B&W pictures and the colour ones of course lol! – would love to have been there with you with your LA walk on (good luck ) one day hopefully . Have a great day Amber :-) Craig x