Christmas Time in the City

It’s Christmas time in the city. Such a beautiful time for all. No matter how you celebrate, everyone should simply enjoy the season. It’s a time to help out your fellow man, wishing good will towards others and simply have an opportunity to see family and friends. Perhaps, if you have neither, take a chance and experience something new and exciting.

Life is about starting over, even if it’s simply a new morning. We are lucky to be given the choice to start over, we are all here on this majestic earth with opportunity and a mind and a heart to think for ourselves and if we are truly heartless, we can and will think of others before ourselves on occasion.

How lovely is my fireplace with stocking for the big, small and hearts for all.

Hot pink roses and baby pink tulips, pure happiness.

This year, I change my Christmas color theme and went white, silver and gold on my lovely 8ft tree. Naturally, the wrap must mach!

White Roses and red tulips? The Kitchen says that it enjoyed having them.

Mom’s homemade scones~! So beautifully aromatic, filling the house with absolute reminiscence of childhood.

My white and dark chocolate covered strawberries, oranges and pomegranate clusters.

Are you turned on yet?

My chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate crust with a glorious crown of tempered chocolate.

Simple elegance, reminds me of Sweden.

Christmas outfits are all about winter: boots, fur and hot tea | Amoura investigating the tree for her gifts.

My little angels and I. There is nothing more beautiful or anything else I could want in my life that would match the love I feel for my little girls.

Pure paw-fection! My babies.

How darling are they in their Christmas dresses?

They are my absolute little ruffle butts. Oh, how I adore them.

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