Christmas Scene Doggies 2015

My annual tradition of dressing up my little doggies in a winter scene took place a little later than I wanted but it was still a week before Christmas. Normally, I take these and have them printed to send out with my Christmas cards. Somehow, the holidays this year have caught me completely off guard and phased me like a knockout punch. Yes, that’s me laying on the ground trying to figure out where it all came from…And there I lay, trying to just figure out where I am.

BUT, the shoot happened and it was an adorable time as it always is. My little Amoura has become… not such a good model. She was originally the one that we’re all going “oh she’s such a perfect poser!” and then she’s gotten older it seems that Sathony has taken that title. Apparently, Amoura is a little bit of a diva and has some Naomi running through her little queen paws. Thankfully, I managed some cute shots because afterall, the queen is still the queen and it’s undeniably precious.

Sathony on the other hand, just sits there and gives absolute energy, total face and the whole personality! Throw a treat in for her and she’ll do anything and everything you ask.  I’m always amazed when I upload these just to see how gorgeous they are on camera. Obviously, nothing compares to them in the real life but oh my word, the fur and light just captures them as the angels they are. I’m sorry, I gush about them so much since they are my little everythings. Actually, I’m not sorry, and if you want to be around me for more than a few days, prepare to see a few photos like a mother with her child.
Above: Look at those!

ABOVE: Sathony giving us the face on a Princess Angel!

ABOVE: Sathony says “I don’t need a tiara to be princess, just give me a treat and I’ll treat YOU like royalty”

ABOVE: Amoura says “Sathony, you are a camera Hog Dog”

ABOVE: Amoura know she’s delectable and divine.

Above: Gazing longingly out the window at the Hollywood sign thinking about staring in a movie about chasing birds and squirrels.
Bottom: LEFT- Sathony on the left with the full personality | RIGHT – Amoura is worn out… it’s hard to take photos while laying down.

Furry Christmas, Everyone!

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