Christmas Puppies 2014

It’s an annual tradition! Dressing up my baby girls and giving them that Christmas feeling. Okay, so maybe I enjoy it much more than they do. I don’t force my babies to wear clothing but once a year. Why wear clothes when you can have a fur coat like theirs?

Amoura giving the look of Love  ♡ ♡

Amoura trying her best Shar Pei Impersonation

Sathony feels like the Mayor of Munchkin City

Sathony  ♡ ♡

Sathony with the proper look of love  ♡ ♡

My baby girls

Amoura stole the hat!

Sathony is getting a tickled ear by a cold wet nose of Amoura

Let’s smile at Amber!  ♡ ♡

“We need Bacon!”

Me and my shadows!  ♡ ♡

My Sathony and I | Sathony giving Amora the “This is MY AMBER!” face

♡ We wish you a Merry Christmas!!  ♡ ♡

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