Shooting in Calabasas

Shooting in Calabasas was a great experience!  We were doing a cover and story shoot for Rustic Bride Magazine. The hills were alive~! Or should I say the “heels” were alive since we were hiking in boots and heels! Too fun~! Get in a workout, work and time with amazing people. It was a good day, I’ll cherish it.

I shot with the wonderful John Jay Davison! Oh my word, this guys talent is INSANE! He’s incredible. There are a lot of photographers whose photos straight out of the camera you go “meh” too, and then you have truly talented photographers whose raw images are like “Incredible!” and he is one of those. Just so talented, I’m honored to be shot by this guy!

Photographer: John Jay Davison
Make-up and Hair were done by yours truly!
Clothing: Tina Summers Label
Jewelry: SML Designs
My cohorts in Modeling: Swee and In, gorgeous ladies! Inside and out, beauty.

The jewelry was gorgeous! I loved the body chain~! And the dresses that we had the privilege of wearing created by Tina…. One of the most talented people I’ve ever met! Her work is absolute perfection and the quality and detail is absolutely fantastic. I cannot praise this woman enough.
Here we are, goofing at the end of the day.
Shooting in Calabasas

After a nice day of Shooting in Calabasas, I kicked up my heels for a Starbucks.
Shooting in Calabasas

There is nothing like coming home to a bouquet of some of my favorite flowers! And later that evening, I went and Watched The High on Lows and Downtown Attraction.
Flowers and Friends