Love my Nails!

Love my Nails! My Man Jason at Nail Service! His work is absolutely impeccable, he is perfection at his craft.

I never thought that I would find a nail technician that I liked, let alone would see exclusively. But, I love this guy. He does the most perfect ombré around. I love a White French ombré since it blends seamlessly as it grows out. I like classically traditional things, and as life gets more hectic, I’ve found myself choosing things that are easier to maintain so that I can just grab and go.

Lately, I even further get behind classic simplicity and that’s about it. I’ve always been a person who has traditional values at the core; basing myself around a simple mind and heart. It could be the Virgo astrology sign enjoying basic pleasures.

For nails, I don’t have enough energy to go chasing crazy manicures.  Formerly, I used to be into the 3D Japanese Deco Nails, and I still absolutely appreciate the style and aesthetic. To this day, I love picking up the nail magazines and see the style and trends that are a la mode. For me today, with this life I’ve been living, I just can’t deal with the upkeep of them.

Aren’t they beautiful?

There is nothing like coming home to a bouquet of roses. Although pink and white are my adoration, I love a sweet lilac purple.

And everyone needs candles to relax. So fantastic.

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Birthday dinner with Sarah

For my sister’s birthday we went to dinner at El Pastaio a few miles over in Beverly Hills. We had a lovely afternoon dinner in each other’s great company. The weather was absolutely wonderful, and the company even better.  It was an incredibly long day but at the end of it, it was completely worth it to be able to watch her smile.


She had the bucatini with meatballs with a fine glass of Cabernet. And I, always so indulgent, opted for grilled veggies.


Dinner Outfit: Simple bodycon dress with clutch and cole haan heels.
After dinner, what you don’t see is the indulgence of getting early dessert from Harajuku Crepe! Oishikata!

She absolutely adores my baking, so she asked for a cheesecake for her birthday.  She says mine is to die for and not to stroke myself here but I’ve never had a better cheesecake than my own. I asked her what kind of cake she wanted and she decided on a black forest cheesecake. Therefore, I created a very decadent cake with chocolate graham crackers. The two different layers of cake, one regular vanilla cheesecake and the other being chocolate were swirled together to create a marble effect with cherry gelee mixed in.  Covered in cherry gelee, with blocks of imported chocolate to create a pattern effect with chocolate shavings. To finish it off, I decorated it with candied cherries, white and dark chocolate shavings and pirouline for height.
2016september015 2016september016

Since we went to dinner, I didn’t have to cook! However, I always try to make a tablescape on a holiday or celebration even if it’s just set to sit down for a tea and conversation. Since we celebrated with cake at home, I created a very simple yet elegant tablescape that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or just someone’s favorite colors. Flowers are crimson red roses with white hydrangea! I used small elements of opalescent colors such as pearls throughout the table to tie it all in.
2016september017 2016september018 2016september019

PRE-BIRTHDAY BEAUTY: The day before her birthday I took her over and we got a manicure together. I just adore my nails!


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