Midwestern girl loving her roots

When the farm comes to Los Angeles, I am a joy. You cannot stop me, I will run through hell to find these creatures of God. There is nothing I love more than animals! Thankfully, The Grove had a petting zoo for Autumn and I definitely was happy to go.  A day filled with cute animals, banjos and what felt like a city hoe-down, beats traveling all the way back to the midwest of my origin. This way, I can actually shop after making love to these little heart breakers.

Pumpkins and hay, they make me happy! AND There he is on the right, my soul mate!
Look at my man, my suave fluffy white husband.
A couple of birds, unafraid of the scarecrow
Long haired bunnies!!!!! Little mini ponies. Oh, be still my heart.
I have dubbed this creature, Lyle. Like as in Lyle Lovett, for this creature of llama looks like Lyle. And this Lyle is funny, but he is a jerk. He tried to steal all the food. Lyle, you are a jerk.
Hark, I see my soul mate! Love at first sight. I am entranced by your fluffy white hair, those long eyelashes and that short stature. Our eyes meet and I am enraptured. Let me kneel before you, a slave to your height, a slave to your elegance.
And a slave to your kiss! My boyfriend, the most erotic kisser of my life.
Let me stroke your beautiful head, truly enamored of your majesty. The most sexy lips I’ve laid mine upon. Oh, the afterglow of our love.
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Home Aesthetics

A slice of home. A slice of life, home aesthetics. Nothing major going on here. Just some simple inspirations from my house.

Life should be beautiful, it’s good to surround yourself with things and people you love. Although we can’t always choose our life and those in it, we can try to make the most of what and who we have. Small things can make you smile, like buying yourself some flowers or lighting a candle; turning on the fireplace with a hot cup of tea. It makes the hardness of life a little bit more bearable and gives you a reason to want to get up tomorrow.

Peonies, one of my favorites. As is almost all girls, I think. Unfortunately, they are not year round. Thankfully, I have other favorites. I’m known that “The girl who loves hydrangea” by the florists.
Light colors, fluffy flowers and mirrored objects are my obsession.

Late July, I became a full time caregiver for my mom after a serious injury.  It’s still ongoing and unsure of the duration. But, knowing that she would be here, I wanted her to have a comfortable place to be able to lay down and watch T.V. in a social environment. So, I picked out this pretty trundle daybed. How pretty! Don’t you agree?

Tufted! My personal favorite thing.
It’s really pretty, but higher than I thought!

She is my whole world
Kitchen tables with beautiful flowers are a joy | Closets filled with pink hangers are intoxicating.
Blogging Mode, fully equipped with my favorite things.
But don’t forget the tea
Being this pretty makes you tired.
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