Society1 “It’s Yours Now” Video Shoot – BTS+Video

A few weeks ago, Society 1 shot a new video! And I was given the opportunity to be a part of it. I had a such great time on set with the band (Sweetest guys ever!) and all of the amazing models (So GORGEOUS!). Everyone was so talented, sweet and hard working. I especially want to thank Matt Zane, who is the lead singer/director/editor/one-man-machine for putting in so much time, effort, patience and for making it all come together. I swear the man isn’t human! I just hope we, the models, have helped make his vision a reality. So, Thank you, Mr. Zane!!

The world premiere was on the 3rd of July! BUT, July 2nd was the private premiere followed by a show by the band.
Here are some behind the scenes moments:
Having a great time with Suzy Q – Sweetest Heart! | Beau and I – He’s amazingly talented, handsome and so sweet!!!

3 Girls with really long hair, Suzey, Me and Christy. They are angels!

Behind the Scenes, it’s always a good time.

Christy, Sin and I – We Sexy! Date us. Not that we’re desperate or anything.

Dressing Room and with the gorgeous Suzy Q!

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San Pedro Rehearsal

2 days before our final performance of A Streetcar Named Desire, we all went to San Pedro and rehearsed on an open stage. It was a beautiful day with wonderful company. My sister came with and Andrey’s sister-in-law and her beautiful little girl also came. We laughed a bunch and grew to understand one another better. Moreover, I was very happy with how relaxed and natural it seemed.

Brandon and I were listening to Andrey.

Since I’m always cold, Andrey let me wear his jacket. It was also pretty windy that day. I was so tired, so I don’t look my best.

Acting is about letting out your inner derp.

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