Happy Birthday to me~!

My birthday! It was on September 20th. And as almost everyone knows…. Oh, the terrible black mood that comes over me during my birthday week. It’s like the entire month of January rolled into 7 days.  If you are curious, for some reason, January is always so hard for me and to this day I have no idea why. Well, this year wasn’t an exception however I did have to go to the doctor practically EVERY DAY, ALL week long doing tests and bloodwork. And if you are also curious about that, it’s still on going. I have more appointments coming up.  The one good thing about being busy during a bad time is it gives you less time to think about your silly stupid self.

Nonetheless, I was still a gloomy gloomy grumpy girl who tried to stay smiling through melancholia, it’s the best way to fight off the blues.  After all, happy girls are the prettiest, right?

The morning of my birthday I wake up to a bouquet of pink roses and alstroemeria… can you make me any more happy? Oh yes, when you bring me a starbucks too! Thank you so much~!
And to set up such a beautiful display of gifts and the wrap! My goodness, the paper and packaging of my dreams! I don’t need what’s inside when the outside looks like this! Who ever said that it’s what’s inside that counts? I think they were looking too deep.

The highlight of my gifts was this beautiful tiny cross! It’s so perfect and tiny, I always wear one around my neck and this one is just so perfectly light that you don’t even know it’s there unless you look.

Sathony on the left and Amoura on the right – How cute are they?!?! *squeel*

Amoura on the left and Sathony on the right – Oh, their fur~!

I had a sugar free angel food cake with berries. And it wouldn’t be a good birthday without a card from my mommy.

My other phenomenal gift…. Rag&Bone skinny jeans! In my size!!!!! They are a second skin. I adore this brand of jeans over all others.
And I hope to see some of you at L.A. Fashion Week! I’ll be walking~!

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