Amoura’s Surgery

In previous posts I’ve documented my little girls health. Finally, it came to this. Finally, a doctor who would operate on her instead of getting the runaround by our previous veterinarian. Her tumor had grown to the size of 2 pounds! On a dog her size that is insane.  The last post that I made was about Halloween and how Amoura had surgery on that very day. How terribly scary it is for a mommy to deal with.

Thankfully, she made it through amazingly and came out for the better. She came out of surgery feeling better than when she went in! You know you are in a bad place when that happens. I am thankful to the heavens for guiding us through this. We have a lot farther to go but I am just thankful that we’ve gotten to the point we are.

Left: Prior to Surgery. Do you see the size? | Right: Post surgery.

Look at my little angel  post surgery. She was so tired and groggy, but somehow, she was still in good spirits.

A few days post operation,  she is wearing her bandages as badges. Because she is the toughest little thing I know .

Sathony had to check on her make sure she’s OK when we first got home from surgery. Amoura liked the flowers that I bought her.

A few days ago, 2 weeks post op where we went in for laser therapy and to get her stitches removed.  She definitely looks totally stylish. I think she and I need to buy a pair of these and start wearing them is a new trend, it would be a global phenomenon.

Post laser surgery, I told her that we would go shopping. It was her surprise of the day. Who doesn’t want to get new clothes? Normally, I have refrained from dressing them up because dogs already have the most luxurious outfit possible, fur . However, I know that with winter,  scar tissue gets very sensitive because the nerves are reconnecting. If you ever have had a deep scar, you know what cold can do to it! The sensitivity can be excruciating. So, we went shopping so that she could have some cute sweaters for winter. This summer, she can get back to real naked style.

This face, it’s worth everything to me .

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