Allergic Reactions in your Furmily AKA Furry Family

I want to talk a little bit about my baby girls and what you all should look out for in your furmily aka your furry family. Being the parent of doggies is very similar to children, I’ve got cousins with young kids and I will declare that taking care of pets is just like taking care of an infant and a toddler. They need to be watered and taken out every couple of hours as an infant in the night. They also have a lot of nutritional needs that need taken care of and just like a baby, when they are hurting they can only give you a certain look and you must figure it out based on symptoms and an open heart.

My little ones have had some allergies in the past. My Sathony (Above Right), as a baby lost a good portion of the fur right above her tail due to a bad allergic reaction to fleas. We had to take her to the doctor to get injections and thankfully, that worked. We’ve kept good management of their pest and flea care other the years but in the past few, I’ve noticed they sometimes get slightly rashy and a little chewy on themselves and that’s unacceptable. I don’t want to have a rash and itch, why would they? About a year ago, I started them on a doctor prescribed medication called Revolution. Since allergies for pets are so bad here in Southern California, my veterinarian suggests giving it to them every 3 weeks instead of monthly. Is it costly? A bit, but to me it is worth every penny if they are comfortable.

As you can see, they are my princesses after all: Tiara included! 

Last year, when we went to the Veterinarian, Sathony (Above Right) was exhibiting symptoms of chronic itch and thirst, it was a skin allergy. So we went on a round of prednisone and antibiotics. Our vet said that if Amoura (Above Left) started having symptoms that we would know it was a genetic predisposition. Lo and behold, a week later, Amoura was starting to exhibit the same signs. We had to take her into the veterinarian for treatment also. On the Revolution, you have to have a heart worm test and a blood test done first to make sure everything is on the up and up. So, they went through rounds of antibiotics and steroids. It cleared up the rash!

Fast forward, 6 months later, Amoura was exhibiting much more aggressive signs of an allergy, her paws were red and swollen and she was chronically chewing at them, her skin was slightly inflamed on her little body and her ears were even a little pink. Not good! We took her back and she went on another round of steroids and antibiotics, which made her feel better within 1 day! The doctor suggested that maybe it was a food thing, so I made sure I stopped feeding any snacks with wheat, gluten or byproducts and started them on Rachael Ray’s Nutrish for munchie kibble, they seem to really enjoy it as far as dry food goes. If you all don’t know, I cook for my little girls everyday. I cook them fresh pieces of meat, beef, pork, chicken, lamb and the occasional strip of bacon. Although, I don’t eat meat at all, I will do ANYTHING for my babies.

About 6 weeks ago, Amoura started another aggressive allergy and I discussed it with her doctor. She went through 3 weeks of steroids and 2 weeks of antibiotics. Dipping her paws every time she came in the house, wearing little pink boots outside and getting bathed with Veterinarian grade shampoo everyday called Douxo. As with previous use of steroids, the symptoms all but disappeared until the steroids and antibiotics were no longer in her system. As you can see, they had to shave her paw to treat it. We discussed long term options which brings us to now, Amoura has been put on Apoquel for good. The allergic reaction this time had gotten bad, she had an infection in her paw and also a yeast infection in her ear, which is pretty common in dogs. Another round of antibiotics, medicated ear drops and steroid salve for her paw along with the Apoquel is doing quite well. Her fur is growing back nicely and she is back to bouncing and running like the little joy that she is.

Here are some additional photos: These are of Sathony on her recent trip to the veterinarian for her annual checkup and vaccinations.

Get it? Reservoir Dog? Tarentino? I couldn’t help myself!

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