A Summer Birthday Party

On July 13th, I celebrated my good friend Rocky’s birthday! I made him a gorgeous Chocolate/Chocolate cake and I decorated it with delicious edible roses. For a fun spin, I also bought a massive vat of Finlandia Vodka for him. Hey, I like to please and appease people and showering them with their favorite things.

While he was finishing up some work, I took a little detour to get some Starbucks for us and also to check out Dave Lombaro’s Gallery at Forgotten Saints on Melrose. His long exposure photography is pretty great!

And while there, I met Muttley! Who happens to be the cutest ladies man around!

After my return, we went to Vinoteque and were taken care of with the amazing style and grace of the owner Ryan and his incredible staff. We all felt so loved and welcome. I would highly recommend going there any day or for any celebration. They sent out the most scrumptious molten lava cake with berries and ice cream and a candle for good luck.

Followed by a delicious dessert wine that was out of this world! I don’t drink but since the owner insisted, I must forget myself for a moment and join in, for formalities sake, of course.

And I will leave you with a shot of his cake But also, an oversized cupcake for a friend’s birthday on the 14th of July. We love and miss you Meagan.

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