A Streetcar Named Desire – Perfomance Captures

A Streetcar Named Desire through Stanislavsky Method.

And if you are so obliged:

There is not much to say by way of words, I felt compelled to show you this even though I may never watch it myself.

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    1. I just finished watching and I have to say…it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t there or all you would hear is this terrible sound of someone crying in the audience.

      I think…seeing you…doing something you love, something you obviously have a passion for just really moved me. I felt every moment with you.

      I also had the realization that it was my first time hearing your voice so now I have to ask if you were doing an accent for the play or if that was pure Amber?

      You were stunning and compelling. And I know it’s hard to not see the flaws in the things we do, we’ll always see what we could have done differently but don’t ever sell yourself short!

      Thank you for sharing this here with us and letting me see a window into your world.


      1. Thank you for watching the performance, it means so much!! You are right that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself but I am, I still feel like I could have done more and somehow made my fellow actors remember more of their lines. But, what’s done is done and I don’t regret doing it.

        I know you were there with me, in spirit. Knowing that you’ve seen it makes everything worthwhile. My voice in the performance is…… a bit over the top in comparison to my normal voice, I deepened it as my instructor asked. Just yesterday, someone compared my natural voice to Marilyn Monroe. And some people say I sound like Minnie Mouse. Minnie Monroe, Marilyn Mouse? LOL~!!!! I had an accent? I’ll need to watch again!


        1. That is the most important thing, doing things without regret. ^-^

          I was actually gushing about the performance this morning to my sister. I think that could be what touched me as well you know. That…relationship between sisters is something I think, we both can relate to.

          *laughs!!* Well it’s not that you had a thick southern drawl or anything but I thought I heard a sort of lyrical lilt in your voice so you know, I had to ask~ I actually really liked it! I was thinking wow…I could listen to this girl talk for hours, what a nice voice!

          1. Yes, we both have the concept of sisters down. This role was almost uncomfortable to play for me, so much of it had a base in reality. Things were almost…. eerie, at times.You gushed to your sister? Now, I am abashed! In the best way, of course!! xoxoxoxoxox

            Oh yes, the lyrical lilt! My instructor noticed that too! He said that my voice moves like song, it goes up and down all the time, softening and hardening depending…… He kept trying to break me of it! I need to make a Video Blog one day so everyone can hear me….. Good idea? ♥

  1. Your acting is great, and I’m pretty sure you will improve even more. and you look beautiful! loves ya

  2. SO STUNNING! You gave a hell of a powerful perfomance! When you raised your voice, I was jumping outta my skin and the ending!!!

  3. Wow, you are very expressive actress! I’m so impressed. What made you decide to pursue it? I’m so happy you are though because you are incredible at anthing you do.

    1. ♡ Thank you, Matty. I’m not really sure what made me pursue it. I guess just the fact that I’m in L.A. and listening to the voices in my head is natural.

  4. I didn’t know you had such a powerhouse voice in you! Really incredible. You and Stanley were fabulous, I didn’t care much for Blanche’s performance, however.

  5. Wow- just watched your performance- you guys we’re amazing! Amber you came across as very natural and I know you would have worked very hard on this role- you were excellent!! I was totally absorbed by the Characters/performances and you were amazing Amber. You have a true talent and are great at whatever you turn you hand to. Keep it up Amber and thank you for sharing your wonderful performance with us all – look forward to your next project. Bye for now Craig

    1. Thank you so much! This makes me want to cry, it means so much hearing those words. I did work very hard and I was pretty upset with my fellow actors, I am still upset with them missing some things. But if the audience enjoys it, I’m glad. It makes me not regret doing it. ♥